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Topic settings Subscribe Print view. After doing the firmware update the USB 3. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. Orsox Show info Posts:. I hope this clears the air out.

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I updated mine to this one but did that before coming here and reading what you asmedia asm1042.

USB SATA Expansion Card Asmedia ASM+E With Dual-die MM-PCEUES

Sat Jul 02, 6: I was simply confirming sam1042 that is still the case today as it asmedia asm1042 been several months since lordkag’s message was posted and I read that he’s even trying to modify asmedia asm1042 newer firmware he found out. Is there anything else I can try to get the controller working with official drivers or am I just out of luck?

When using any version asmedia asm1042 the ASMedia controller driver, my Wi-Fi adapter an Asus N53 B1 will show data corruption on any asmedis greater than a few hundred megabytes.

RoughBoy Show info Posts:.

I would suggest users to stay away from this one. Mon May 23, 3: I know that post which is asmedia asm1042 I had this disclaimer: Is it any different in your forums? Fernando Show info Posts:.

Zitat von kevindd im Beitrag Generally, for technology forums a question that has not been answered for more than 24 hours can be “bumped”.

All users can “bump” a question every day, but we don’t like it at all, if there is no need to do it. This is particularly aasm1042 asmedia asm1042 trying to download games or updates asmedia asm1042 Steam.

Your thirst for knowledge may be admirable, but repeating already answered questions is really annoying! My first thought asmedia asm1042 “oh, crap, I bricked asmedia asm1042 controller” despite following all the instructions to the letter.

Orsox has attached files to this post After doing the firmware update the USB asmedia asm1042. Unfortunately even when told to not download hardware asm1024 from Windows 10, somehow it keeps trying to install ASMedia drivers for the controller. It’s more likely for asmedia asm1042

Asmedia ASM USB Firmware Version _10_11_23

Orsox Show asmedia asm1042 Posts:. Why are you so impatient? The reason mentioned above will be used. Fernando, I’m not impatient.

ASMedia USB 3.0 drivers for Windows

I realize this won’t be the case for everyone, sometimes the controller really asm0142 get bricked, but this is a cautionary tale that sometimes Windows can’t seem to reconfigure itself after the firmware is updated. Click hereto adjust the content of the private message. Asm102 this is just asmedia asm1042 backup system, I wasn’t too worried, and for asmedia asm1042 lark, I did a re-install of Win 7 x I attached the working Firmware with the flashing Tools,!!!

If asmedia asm1042 use it for anything else don’t Forget to Change it!!! Furthermore, it is customized for C controllers and very different than regular ASMA firmwares.

What do the experts here in the forum think about? No Errors while copying. Tue May 24, 9: Please remember, that we are doing everything here within our spare time and don’t get any money for asmedia asm1042 service. Generally, for technology forums a question asmedia asm1042 has not been answered for more than 24 hours can be “bumped”.