Anyone seeking help will find excellent guidance from the ambra4 download above. My only additional comment is that the three black tabs he mentions need only be pushed gently outwards rather than prising them upwards in order to release the front bezel. By the way, while i can in there I noticed an empty expansion bay: Posted on Jul 22, It is a watch type of battery. Does anyone have any informaion on how to disassenmle the Acer L to access the memory slots? The right side The left Side Panel comes off.

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Make SURE they are seated tight. Answer questions, earn points and acer aspire l100 others Answer questions. Slide the aceg RAM into the bays and push it down to lock it into place.

Is there any other way I can reset this?

It will power on at times and at others does not. Posted on Jan 20, This action will relieve your body of Static.

Acer Aspire L Specs – CNET

The cooling fans run when it is turned on but sometimes there is no light indicating that the unit is on. Unplug all cables to the computer.

The battery could flip out! Does anyone have any informaion on how to disassenmle the Acer L to access the memory slots? Please refine your selection.

See awpire image attache and you can see where they are located also you can see they are acer aspire l100 Oh forgot to mention make sure you use high temp caps to replace them ie c. No error messages appear, the hard drive slows down and the monitor fades to black in a matter of 2 seconds. I turn the aspirf on but all I get is the Acer logo followed by “No Signal” and the monitor goes blank. Any help xspire appreciated, only bought this computer two years ago.

This releases the RAM so acer aspire l100 they can be lifted out. Use the Up, or Down Arrow to the right, to set the Hour. Posted by tmcaudron on Aug 02, Stand the computer in the proper position.

Opening up Acer Aspire L100 small form factor PC

On the backside of this Side Panel is a ‘V’ formed out of the panel. Help me Please Tammy in Texas. I am grateful to ambra4 for his help.

Ask Talk to Expert. Acer Aspire Notebook 2, Questions. You wont be able to replace the asipre board as it is a propriatary Acer unit and is now obsolete. Posted on Jan 05, It should be a CR Looking at the front of the acer aspire l100.

Looking at the photo the motherboard is turned 90 degrees to the Left, in relation to how it sits in your computer case. Is there no plate to remove k100 the bottom or edge to do it?

Acer aspire l100 in the same boat and can get no help from acer Empowering Technology. Whether it is one number, or two Backspace it out. See what’s installed now. Posted by fix4once on Sep 26, Using the Memory Advisor or Scanner on Crucial.

Be careful of the ribbon cable underneath, you may need someone to hold it up for you while you change the RAM.