Help, i have run of of ideas and don’t want to do a complete recovery unless absolutely necessary. If it has installing Windows 7 had nothing to do with it and it is just coincidence. Find More Posts by VietFusion. Drives are showing up in my bios, while booting. Hey, Thanks for the reply How would I go about upgrading my bios? I have troubleshooted computer returns with code a driver for this devise has been disabled. Tried to reinstall drivers, system returns with best driver already installed.

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Join the cause and tell your state representative to support Right to Repair. It has worked but now windows fd to recognize it. I have no idea how to go about correcting this. Seeing as i’m using a win7 disc to boot from, and it clearly read it enough to get here, and i highly doubt they even make cd-rom drive drivers anymore, i’m acer aspire 4520 cd rom a loss.

Used to be working perfect before on the same conditions. Maybe something is blocking it. Everything appears normal, except there is no sound.

Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. We have a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment—like smartphones, computers, and even farm equipment.

How to Replace the DVD Drive of an Acer Aspire Series Laptop

Yes device manager says it’s working properly. I have tried to edit the registry to remove and re-install the cd drive but i am not accer acer aspire 4520 cd rom delete the registry keys.

However, my drive doesn’t show up anywhere else. When i click on the drive in windows while a disk is in there it gives me the error message “insert disk” and opens the drive.

reinstall dvd\cd-rom drive on an acer aspire – Microsoft Community

The time now is Now am using only one port, and the rest is not able to be used. Drivers Windows 7 64 ultimate on Acer aspire g Hi guys I have a new copy of windows 7 64 can I install it on this laptop it has windows vista 32 acer aspire 4520 cd rom default. To reassemble your device, follow these zspire in reverse order.

Author with 2 other contributors. Hardware is acer ader Posted On: Of note my bf who has the exact same system as i do – bought at same time – and upgraded the same day as i is not having these problems and certain features on his system are completely different from mine. Acer will not support me because i have upgraded and they insisted i purchase tech service for assistance.

I’ve tried allowing windows the opportunity to search for a new driver however the answer is that i have the most current driver. Small – px Medium – px Large – px. Spinning acer aspire 4520 cd rom goes away, drive stops humming- no game. About a year ago my dc-rom took a dump acer aspire 4520 cd rom stopped opening so i just never used it.

Acer Aspire 4520 Cd-rw DVD RW Dvd-rw Multi Burner Drive Uj-870

It still reads dvds fine so i’m thrown for a loop now. I’ve left it for over an hour, and all it that happens is the screen switches off after a while.

And also, i have this game counter strike, since i reinstalled windows, because my dvd wasn’t working, this game, c s, has this problem, from when i start it, both when running on menu or playing the game has this horizontal, transparent, wavey lines, going up.

Whenever i attempt to download acer aspire 4520 cd rom it takes me directly acer aspire 4520 cd rom the vista updates page and then just sits there aver ever “checking updates”. Loading it when down loading the bios the error message tells me there are no files to download. Stand up for your right to repair! Drives are showing up in my bios, while booting.

I also reinstalled windows several time. The other day i needed to run an cd and decided to put in a new cd-rom.

Before few days acer aspire 4520 cd rom was using vista on the same laptop that time i was not able to use only one port. Windows 7 64 ultimate on Acer aspire g Hi guys Ccd have a new copy of windows 7 64 can I install it on this laptop it has windows vista 32 by default.

Are the drivers of my printer lost?